zaterdag 10 november 2007

Pancake & Waffle Glossary

What’s Up For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner? Plenty!

Who ever thought there were so many kinds of pancakes and waffles? There are a dozen varieties in Western culture alone, and countless varieties worldwide. STROOPWAFEL or SYRUP WAFFLE or CARAMEL COOKIE Dutch for “syrup waffle,” stroopwafels are Dutch cookies made from two round waffle-like wafers with a sweet syrup or caramel filling in the middle. Sometimes nuts or other flavors are added to the filling. About four inches in diameter, stroopwafels are traditionally prepared by cutting a freshly made waffle in half horizontally, spreading the filling and rejoining the two halves. Stroopwafels are an old Dutch treat, invented in Gouda in 1784. The traditional way to eat them is with a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa. Just before it is eaten, the stroopwafel is placed on top of the hot cup in order to soften it up; the filling melts, and scents of cinnamon and nutmeg are released into the air. Find out more at

zaterdag 3 november 2007

Travel by Food & Stroopwafels

The website "Travel By Food" wrote about Stroopwafels. "Travel by food" is a website for people who have a greater understanding of different food from different culture around the world. Beaver Tail, Fishball noodle,Herring, Frites met Mayo ...... etc .... This is what they wrote about Stroopwafels: "On my second last day of my Netherland's trip. I visited the shopping district(Grote Marktstraat) of The Hague. I found a Stroopwafels stand right at the middle of a busiest shopping intersection. Locals were buying freshly made Stroopwafels. Both in single piece and in pack. Stroopwafels is a Caramel Syrup Waffle Cookie, and means "Syrup waffles" in Dutch. It is 2 pieces of round waffel wafers with caramel syrup fillings. There are 2 sizes available. The bigger size which is about 7 inches in diameters is around €1.5 and smaller 2.5 inches in pack of 10. There was a bit of breeze and chill on that day in The Hague, that hot freshly made syrup waffles really kept me warm. In the waffle stand pictures, you can see the owner was spreading the caramel syrup fillings and combining the waffels together." Find it all at: