zaterdag 27 oktober 2007

A Stroopwafel By Any Other Name

I found a nice article about "myself" at Rosemary's blog. She writes about collecting cookie cutters, special shaped cookies and traditions and memories built around cookies. This is what Rosemary wrote:

"A number of years ago when we lived for a while in Europe, I became acquainted with the pleasures of a Dutch cookie called a “stroopwafel (translated syrup waffle).” If you have never had one, basically it is a thin, crispy wafer or waffle, sliced even thiner and then a layer of cinnamon carmel syrup is sandwiched between each half. It’s a delicious, gooey confection that’s usually eaten along with a cup of hot coffee or tea. One places the cookie on top of the coffee cup and lets the hot steam soften the syrup layer causing it ooze out of the cookie. Completely decadent and addictive if you have a sweet tooth. Supposedly these delicious cookies were invented in the latter part of the 1700’s in the town of Gouda, famous for its cheese, when a baker used up his leftover crumbs at the end of the day, added spices and covered it with carmel syrup. They became a hit with the common people because they were so good tasting and also inexpensive. Soon enough all of Gouda was making them, and eventually they spread to the whole country. There are street market vendors in all cities in the Netherlands selling them in packages or individually so you can get a nice hot, sticky one to eat any time." Surf for more information to:

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