zondag 21 oktober 2007

Stroopwafels recipe (2)

Here's a recipe that probably doesn't work if you use the above iron. This is an iron for Belgian Waffles instead of Dutch Stroopwafels. If you try this recipe please let me know how your waffles taste, like a Belgian or Dutch waffle.

From the kitchen of Mrs. Watson, in Bowie, MDMakes about 32 pieces(Before you even start, sharpen a thin knife well. I use a filleting knife.)
Wafel Dough:1 teaspoon instant yeast1 teaspoon sugar1/2 pound unsalted butter1/3 cup sugarPinch of salt1 rounded tablespoon ground cinnamon (...don't even be tempted to use less)3 cups flour (...more or less, depending on other moisture in the mix)1-2 eggs (...how small are they? ...how much richer do you want the wafels to taste?)
You can find the rest of this recipe at http://www.fantes.com/waffles.htm#gallette

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